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Ms. Hartley is an engaging speaker, using humor and her professional experience as a nurse and adult entertainer to bring a new perspective into the meaning of “confidence:” how one may develop it and how it can translate into greater workplace success.

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Behind every executive is a human being, with all of the attendant fears, desires and confusion that come from simply living in a body. Our culture being what it is anxieties and concerns regarding sexuality super-charge these fears. The energy expended in hiding, even from ourselves, our true natures drains esprit and focus at work (to say nothing of family life).  A person can feel fraudulent, about to be exposed any day now. They can feel all alone, not knowing that such emotions are very, very common, indeed. 

What would life be like if we could release these anxieties? How else could that energy be directed? How would our outlook improve? Our relationships? Our work?

Sometimes all it takes is looking at an entrenched, unmovable problem from a slightly different angle or through a different lens. Then, what had seemed an intractable situation ceases to have a grip on our emotions and the discomfort dissipates like drops of water on a hot griddle. My expertise is in helping clients look at sexuality-related underpinnings of their anxiety from a new angle, so that they may reassess their beliefs and let go of any that no longer serve them well.

What does true confidence feel like, in the body? How does that confidence translate into effective action? Is it something that can be taught, like improving one’s golf swing?

Nina Hartley says, “Yes. True confidence can be learned, and the lessons applied in a variety of settings.”