To get the most out of what I offer it's important to let you know what I am, and am not qualified to do.


If you are suffering from mental, emotional, substance or physical abuse, past or present, oryou and your partner are at the phase of fighting all the time, about sex or anything else, I recommend a licensed therapist or counselor first. I'm not trained in crisis or anger management. I'm not going anywhere, so alwaysput your essential needs first.

I'm confident that with the right support, you can develop your own best sexual life. If you've been working on this issue for a while I will likely have a take on it that sheds new light on your situation. If you’re new to this area of inquiry I've done and seen a lot and don't judge, so you can ask me anything. I'm the perfect blend of cool aunt, big sister, school nurse and guidance counselor. As part of my profession, as well as in my private life, I've been physically intimate on some level, from eye gazing to full-on sex, with thousands of people of all ages, orientations, abilities, desires and needs and still find it exciting to go to work! I offer a practical insight into sex that few can match and a sincere desire for everyone to experience the full benefits of a satisfying erotic life.

As I've said, I'm a nurse so you can't gross me out and I make porn so you can't embarrass me, so ask me anything!