Anything to do with sex, sexuality and sexual expression and your relationship to it. 


“I don’t feel monogamous but my partner says it’s important to them. What should I do?”

“I feel monogamous but my partner says they’re not. Can we be in relationship?”

“I want more/less sex than my partner does. What can we do?”

“I asked for something new and my partner got upset/angry/mean. Are we doomed?”

“My partner has a very large/small penis. What positions or toys could help?”

“My partner has a vey lose/small vagina. What can we do to accommodate our needs?”

“I/my partner wants anal play and I’m okay with that. How can we do it safely?”

“My partner wants anal play and I’m grossed out by the idea. What can we do?”

“My partner doesn’t want me to do anything with their butt and I’m really interested! What can we do?

"How do I best navigate a 20 year age difference between myself and my partner?"

"How do I balance work place ethics with a work place romantic interest?"

"How do I teach courses around sex and sexuality without abusing my authority as instructor?"

"How do we implement office ethics that include diversity sensitivity and progressive modern ideas around sex?"